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Canvi is the Catalan word for "change". We believe everyone has the capacity for change, but we seldom make lasting changes to our mental health on our own. We strive to partner with our patients to create individualized treatment plans with measurable milestones that cultivate a better life. Together, we can create change you will see and feel.

Canvi Behavioral Health: Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our practice philosophy is based on the following guiding principles:


  • Provide A Welcoming Environment 

  • Respect & Empower Patients

  • Coordinate Care 

  • Work As A Team

  • Be Accessible

  • Provide Community Outreach

  • Never Stop Learning

You will notice a difference from the minute you walk through the door.

The Canvi Behavioral Health Approach

The Canvi Approach

No person is an island. Why should your providers be any different? That is why we take a collaborative approach to your care. With a combined total of more than a century of experience in patient care, our providers rely on one another for support, education, and coordination of care.

The Canvi Behavioral Health Commitment

Commitment to Clients & Patients

Our clients are more than just patients, they are a part of the Canvi family. Your success is our success. Our commitment to your better life is seen in everything we do.

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