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Tara Arocho


Tara grew up in South East Idaho and loves the people and communities that make up this area. She loves the outdoors and has recently been doing a lot of camping and hiking with her family. She also really enjoy the winters when everything turns white and has a new kind of beauty to it. She also realizes that winters can be a hard time for people and depression tends to get worse. Growing up in a family where depression affects many extended family members her passion for mental healthcare was sparked.

Tara enjoys helping anyone with mood disorders, whether its depression, anxiety, bipolar, or a combination. When she can help someone get their mood to a more manageable and happy level is when she feels best about her work. She wants people who are struggling with mental health issues to realize that there isn’t anything wrong with them, end the stigma, and get to a place where they can enjoy life to the fullest. 


Tara Arocho
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